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Google AdWords Support

You are running your own AdWords Account and you are satisfied with the performance? You think you can optimize your campaigns and keywords as good as our professionals? You think it is cheaper to manage your account yourself, but you need help once in a while?


Let us help you! We offer our know how by the hour.

Call or E-Mail us and let us know, that you need help managing your AdWords account. Please prepare the question and let us know what you already did to solve the problem. We need to look into your AdWords account, so that we can see what happened and what your question is about in detail.

Often we can answer your questions right away, so that you only have to pay us one hour.

Some questions are more complicated and we might need to dive deep into your account and analyze the data. After that, we give you an estimate of cost, before we start working. We will not go over our estimate! If it takes longer than estimated, it’s our loss.

This way you know, that we are trying our very best to solve the problem quickly and to your satisfaction.


Pick our brains today for only $50 per starting hour.


These are the topics we support:



  • Conversion Target Analysis
  • Landing Page Analysis & Consulting

AdWords Pay Per Click Account Opening

  • Location Settings
  • Budget Settings
  • Bid Settings
  • Device Settings
  • Network Settings


Keyword Management

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Set Keyword Options


Create And Schedule Advertisements

  • Create Online Advertisements
  • Create Mobile Advertisements
  • Schedule Advertisements


Enable Advertising Extensions

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extension
  • Social Extension
  • App Extension
  • Dynamic Search Advertising Extension
  • Product Targets
  • Offer Extension


Display Network

  • Set Placements
  • Set Topics
  • Set Interests & Remarketing


Don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

We will not work in your account. We will consult and hand on best practice knowledge to you. You decide whether you integrate our hints or not. You have total control!