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Google AdWords Account Management

Google AdWords Pay Per Click internet marketing is great for every business.  The advantages of pay per click marketing are:

  • increaeses online & offline sales
  • great for businesses of any size
  • works with every budget  
  • brings visitors from Google directly to your website or store
  • positive return on investment


Google AdWords Account Management lets our account managers do all the online marketing work.  We monitor all important numbers and optimize your pay per click marketing strategy. You concentrate on your daily business. Here are some of your advantages:

  • you will get more visitors on your website and in your offline store
  • your online and offline sales will increase
  • you have time to focus on your daily business, because professionals manage your pay per click marketing



Here is what we do for you:




  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy Analysis & Consulting
  • Conversion Target Analysis
  • Landing Page Analysis & Consulting


AdWords Pay Per Click Account Opening

  • Location Settings
  • Budget Settings
  • Bid Settings
  • Device Settings
  • Network Settings


Keyword Management

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Add Keywords & Keyword Combinations
  • Set Keyword Options
  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Set Destination URLs
  • Campaign Setup
  • AdGroup Setup 


Create And Schedule Advertisements

  • Create Online Advertisements
  • Schedule Advertisements


Monitoring & Optimization

  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Search Term Analysis
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keyword Optimization
  • Monitor Keyword Quality Score
  • Return on Investment Optimization On Campaign Level
  • Return on Investment Optimization On AdGroup Level
  • Return on Investment Optimization On Keyword Level
  • Click Trough Rate Optimization
  • Cost Per Click Optimization
  • Cost Per Action Optimization
  • Call Details Monitoring
  • Competitive Metrics Monitoring



  • Usability Consulting
  • Landing page Support
  • Analytics & AdWords Connection


The AdWords Account Management starts at $200 per month. The actual price depends on the size of your account.

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