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AdWords Mobile Marketing Upgrade

AdWords mobile marketing is a great way to get new customers to your online and especially offline store. Meet the customer needs and get their attention as they are around the corner.


We have great success with every business that uses mobile marketing and is situated in a touristy area.


Tourists use their cell phones all the time to find out about places to shop, to eat, to party or everything else they want to do or have. Mobile marketing works great for companies that have a tourist dependent business model. Check out the greart success of our client "Upstairs Waikiki".


Your advertisements are shown to everybody that is searching on their mobile device, for services or products that your business offers. We target the peoples location and focus on people close to your location. This helps saving money and getting the right people to your store, restaurant or bar.


This is what we do for you:


  • Upgrade all advertisements for cell phones & tablets
  • Upgrade location settings of all campaigns if necessary
  • Adjust bids of all campaigns and ad groups for mobile devices
  • Monitor and optimize bids for all mobile ad groups



Our Mobile Marketing Upgrade starts at only $75 per month.

The price depends on the size of your AdWords account. To use the mobile marketing upgrade, an AdWords Account  managed by dth internet corporation is needed.

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