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Web Business Consulting

Good Website Usability + Professional Search Engine Marketing + Effective Conversion Optimizing = Basis for a successful online business 

Over the last years our experts managed AdWords accounts of international clients. They presented and discussed their strategies with other experts, even with professionals working at Google. Some of us taught at well-respected universities in Germany and the United States and some of us still do. Teaching and discussing our daily business with high potentials all over the world helps us to put all the knowledge together and integrate it into your individual web-business strategy.
As your partner we are constantly improving your online strategy.
Let us help you to answer the question if it is necessary to spend more money on Search Engine Marketing especially AdWords, if you better optimize certain parts of your website or which goals are the most important ones to achieve and in what time.
We know, that every new business goes through a certain evolution, a learning curve so to say. Our experts know about the major mistakes and can help you to avoid them.
You will safe time and money!
Web business consulting is more than optimizingyour Search Engine Strategy and your AdWords campaigns. We will analyze your online business, your target group, the search volume of certain keywords of your business, we look at your conversion funnel and we also check your landing pages. A web business consulting takes time and we only do it with partners where both sides, you and us, think, that a partnership over a longer period is possible and productive. Google Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping Optimization and of course individual consulting is part of the whole process.
Your business will profit from all the knowledge within our company in the US and abroad.
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