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"dth helped us to increase conversions

by 35% within 3 months!"

CEO, Reiga Consult





Reference Upstairs Waikiki



“We started with mobile marketing and dth as soon as we opened up the bar in April. The mobile marketing already pays for itself and for the services of dth, easily! The team at dth knows how to get the tourists of all countries to my bar. My AdWords account is always up to date and even specials are announced with my ads and on Google Offers through them. They also manage Upstairs Waikikis facebook page and keep it updated. We are getting more people to our club every day.  I am glad to hear that they want to help more local businesses to use this modern way of marketing.

I heard that they will be able to advertise in Japanese soon and I am very happy about it.”


Davy Malaythong
Owner of Upstairs Waikiki

Racing Planet

With more or less dangerous half-knowledge we rushed to the project „AdWords“ a few years ago. We quickly got aware of the success of this type of advertising and in the short term our AdWords account turned into a weak mish-mash of keywords. With a little self-energy we created successful campaigns, but we made losses with other campaigns.
12 month ago we awarded the complete support of our Google AdWords account to dth Corp. Mr. Hildebrandt and his employees cleaned up and especially optimized our AdWords account. Not only many new adverts and campaigns were created, the biggest advantage was the analyzing and optimizing afterwards. Ineffective keywords were figured out and thereby money was saved. We didn´t have the time and know-how for the after-care of the adverts, which extremely effected the costs.
Our AdWords account or this type of advertising costs us lots of money every month, but the return on investment is remarkable. That´s why we see this money well spent and in connection with Google Analytics we have the most transparent type of advertising we could imagine.
Because of these enormous savings and sales growth, which is caused by Mr. Hildebrandt and his employees, the service of dth Corp is practically free. The dth service fee gets paied through the extra turnover we make with AdWords every month.
We can now concentrate on our main business and logistics. dth Corp. manages the sales through Google advertising perfectly and we concentrate on purchasing.
E-commerce without Google AdWords, Analytics and dth Corp is like riding a bike without a saddle: It´s possible, but it hurts…

Markus Becker
CEO, Racing Planet

SIP Scootershop

In Web-Marketing we are trustfully working with dth Corp, Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt, since five years. With the support service of dth Corp our AdWords-Account has grown to an impressive dimension in that period and still generates the main profit of SIP-Scootershop. At the beginning of the collaboration dth optimized the conversion costs to a low level where they still remain.
The rentability is continuously controlled und monthly reported by Dr. Hildebrandt. Thereby we have a good overview of our costs and earnings. We don´t have to watch the account in detail, dth works self-consistently, expands the account and eliminates finacial traps. We fully concentrate on the development of our business.
In the course of this collaboration we awarded further contracts to dth, such as studies on comprehensive website-controlling and -optimizing for the search-engines, so that SIP Scootershop could develop and grow with the demand of the customers. The know-how of the employees and the long years of practical experience helped us to answer tricky questions.
Meanwhile dth manages our accounts in further European countries and in the USA. So we profit from the synergies and often use the new AdWords features before they are released in Germany.
For some time Dr. Hildebrandt optimizes the Google Shopping Merchant Center for us and entailed another competitive advantage. With dth we are always close to new developments. The collaboration pays off in the long term and has already far exceeded the accompaniment costs.

Ralf Jodl
CEO, SIP Scootershop