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dth attends Network808 on April 24

Daniel Hildebrandt will attend the Network808 on April 27.

After starting the Search Engine Marketing Business in Honolulu Hawaii in february, Daniel is looking forward to meet local people and find out about the Hawaiian businesses. Maybe dth internet marketing corporation finds their first local Hawaiian Search Engine Marketing customer on the Network808 event.


BIZ Revamp and dth internet marketing corp. support each other

The web design agency BIZREVAMP and dth internet marketing corporation will support each other. David Rippey and Daniel Hildebrandt decided to work together on upcoming projects.

Bizrevamp focuses on webdesign, Content Management, Web Development, Business Identity, Facebook & Twitter Design, Mobile Websites & Flash, E-Commerce Development, SEO and Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Generation. "As a startup offer we are designing free Facebook business pages for every new customer of dth internet marketing corporation" said  David Rippey, CEO of BIZREVAMP. "BIZREVAMP wants to focus on building websites, but we know, that a website is nothing without visitors. I am sure, that dth internet marketing as a professional AdWords agency can help our customers, to increase traffic by managing or optimizing their accounts."

"We think that some of our cutsomers might be interested in redesigning their websites and making them more useable, especially when it comes to rearranging the website for mobile phones or tablets. And we are happy that we found our first partner in the US, that can support us within this business."

BIZREVAMP has local customers and customers on the US mainland. Some of the projects are the "five-o-bar" at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, LavaLining - Honolulus #1 Truck Bed Lining Provider or the Holistic Medical Center of Hawaii.

dth Corp. - new office in Makiki & Mailing address

Within the first four weeks the dth internet marketing corp. found its first office in Hawai'i. The office is situated in Makiki. The mailing address is:


dth Internet Marketing Corp.

PO Box 23271

96823 Honolulu, HI 


"We had our first business contacts on the island and and we will do business together with" announced Daniel Hildebrandt, Country Manager USA of dth internet marketing corporation. 


Google enhanced campaigns pro and con


Google released the enhanced campaigns in February 2013. As always we have to take a closer look on the product to understand the pros and cons.


Of course Google tells us, that everything is easier and more convenient now for the advertiser, and that is not wrong. But we have to keep in mind that Google is a company that, besides doing everything for their customers to make their life as easy and convenient as possible, also has to make profit. So let’s have a closer look on Googles enhanced campaigns.




  • Keywords all in one campaign – makes it easier to monitor campaigns that run on desktop, tablet and mobile


  • You can optimize your advertisements for mobile devices now very easy. Just opt in “mobile” when you create an ad. It will than be given preference over standard text ads, when searched on a mobile device. The ad preview is shown on the right hand side in a smartphone, so that you see how the ad will be displayed. (Sorry german text on screenshot)



  • It is not possible to run campaigns only on mobile or tablet or desktop devices, once Google does not allow the old campaign type anymore. All campaigns will be turned in campaigns of the new, enhanced campaign format, within the first half of 2013.



Google enhanced campaigns examples


Google always comes up with the example of the café or flower shop that have users that want to order online or people looking up “café” on their smartphone and than like to stop by on a café nearby. Well, that is not always the truth. I myself have customers, where mobile campaigns do nothing but cost money.

It does not always make sense to have all campaigns in your account on desktop and mobile devices. Google now forces me and my customers to advertise mobile – and of course, spend money!


Automatic enhanced campaigns update will come


Sooner or later you will have to upgrade your campaigns. I think it might be a good idea that you update your campaigns now, instead of waiting until google updates your entire account automatically.


A trick how not to run campaigns on mobile


If you do not want certain campaigns to run on mobile devices, just type in “-100%” in the campaign settings. That makes your bid “0” and your ad should not be shown on mobile devices. Well, even when it is shown, it should not cost you anything. - US Customer wants to expand to Europe and Russia - US Customer wants to expand to Europe and Russia


Even before the first employees started their work in the United States, the salesteam made their first acquisition with an American company., a company offering sightseeing tours in Florida, became the first customer situated in the United States. offers Miami city tours, Everglades airboat tours, Key West sightseeing tours and many more.

It is the goal of our team, to find new customers in Germany, France, Russia and the United States of America.

Country Manager USA and AdWords Account Manager expected in Hawai'i in February 2013

Country Manager Daniel Hildebrandt are expected to be in Hawai'i in February 2013.

He will setup the infrastructure and build the new dth corporation team near Honolulu.
It is his goal to help companies optimize their return on invest and help their customers to expand business to europe.

First success with "Dynamic Search Ad Extensions"

In the last couple of weeks we ran several tests with Googles "Dynamic Search Ad Extensions".

We think it is important to monitor the extensions on a daily basis in the beginning and help Google getting more precise.
Look at the keyword details and add those keywords as negative that are to broad. 
We also use the dynamic search ads keyword details to find new keywords for already running campaigns. 

Mobile campaigns only if you have a mobile version

We recommend to use mobile campaigns only if a mobile version of your website exists.

You should always have a mobile brand campaign. 
If you like to get in contact with your customers via phone, adding click-to-call to your mobile advertisements is a way to go.