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Internet Marketing Survey Hawaii - Every participant has a chance to win has its first Online Marketing Survey online.

We like to find out more about the status of online marketing in Hawaii.


  • What chances do people see with online marketing?
  • Is it a big thing or is Hawaii all about mouth to mouth marketing?
  • Is Mobile Marketing with AdWords one of the topics local businesses care for?


These are some of the questions we ask ourselfes every day. But only the people that own businesses can answer them properly. That's why we together 5 questions, that will help us to get even more knowledge about the hawaiian market. We like to offer you the right things and that is why we need to know what your needs and thoughts are.


Please help us and answer our 5 question internet marketing survey.

4th Annual Hawaii Social Media Summit

dth internet marketing corp. will attend the 4th Annual Hawaii Social Media Summit on Friday October 25 - Saturday October 26.

The Neal Blaisedell Center will, for two days, be the place to be for everyone working in online marketing in Hawaii. Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and all other topics that have to do with internet marketing will be discussed. A great event to network and get insights into the online marketing scene in Hawaii.


"I am looking forward to meet the TOP-Online-Marketing-Influencer of the Islands. There will be a lot of interesting sessions I like to attend and share and exchange Know-How about Pay-Per-Click-Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and all the other important topics, that companies deal with today" Daniel Hildebrandt said.


Part of the Hawaii Social Media Summit is the Social Media Award, where Gina Salvador is one of the nominees. This year for the first time the public is able to vote their Top 5 Social Media Influencer of Hawaii.  Gina Salvador is a local Social Media expert and founder of Network808.


Daniel Hildebrandt about Network808: "Network808 is the best event to meet new interesting business owners, share knowledge and get new ideas. Gina is always a great host and knows everybody. She helps to connect to the right people".


The 4th Annual Hawaii Social Media Summit will be a great opportunity to connect with the local hawaiian industry. 

See you there!

Google Maps took shots from the highest building in the world

Google Maps gets more and more peoples attention.

In a mobile world, where almost everybody uses his cellphone to get directions and information about locations while walking down the streets, Google Maps has become one of the biggest things Google has to offer. That's surely one of the reasons why Google is going to update Google Maps.

Google uses more than the satellite pictures they started with. With Google Streetview they started to map the streets of the world. The Google Streetview cars are already a common picture in our streets.

But to reach spots where it is impossible to go to by car, like the Grand Canyon or to take pictures off of the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, they invented the Google Streetview Backpack.

Google Streetview Grand Canyon

Google Streetview Ski

Enjoy the view of the talles building in the world - the Burj Khalifa. 828 meters tall - that's 2.716 feet. It has 151 floors. The highest pool in the world, located on the 71st floor.

Google Streetview images from the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Here are some more facts about the Burj Khalifa.



New Google Maps – pictures instead of text

We found out that there might be an update on Googles search result page soon. Google seems to run an A/B test to find out, if the new integration of the Google Maps results on the search result page gets higher click through rates.


Here is the Google result page how you know it.


Google Maps Old


The map will remain on the search result page on the right side, but the search results will not be shown as a list anymore. The Google Maps results will be shown as pictures on the top of the result page. You are able to scroll through those pictures. Here is the new Google maps results screenshot.


New Google Maps Results





The results consist of pictures that seem to be pictures from reviews. By clicking on the picture, Google adjusts the search. The location clicked becomes the search term and the result page changes. If the company uses AdWords, the ad is shown before the organic search result, directly under the Google Maps pictures. 


New Google Maps AdWords


Depending on the number of AdWords advertisements Google is going to show below the maps results, it might give the organic search results more space. The old Google Maps results were listed beneath the AdWords advertisements. Depending on the search it was possible, that the first organic search result was below the fold. With the new integration of Google Maps the organic search results are back above the fold.


If Google decides to show up to three AdWords advertisements as they do now, organic search results might slide back below the fold.


Pictures usually get more attention than text. This means, that Google maps becomes even more important to all businesses that run a shop – like bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels…  Before the actual roll out these type of businesses should get their Google Maps integration optimized to get the maximum out of the update.

Please note:  I had to use the Google result page from for the same keyword "nightclub waikiki" to show the dfference between old and New Google Maps.

New bigger Google Sitelink

Optimizing the AdWords account of Upstairs Waikiki, we found that Google now allows sitelink description. You are able to enter a sitelink text of two lines. Every line allows 35 characters.

Google might show the sitelink text additionally to the AdWords advertisements on the top three positions. This will make the advertisement bigger and drive more attnetion to the ads that have the sitelinks with description.


Google New SItelink


We weren’t able to take a screenshot of the result page including the new sitelink, yet.

dth’s account managers are already updating all AdWords accounts with the new, bigger sitelinks!


UPDATE June 18th: Google released information about the new sitelinks this morning.

Here is a picture on how the new sitelinks look on the search results page:


Google New Sitlinks


The "new" sitelinks aren't that new after all. Only the possibility to create your own text is new. The design itself is familiar.

Google released enhanced ad sitelinks in February 2012. Back than, they used the text of other ads to creat the sitelink description automatically.

Today they updated the sitelinks and it is now possible to create your own text.


We spoted it and updated it in our news section yesterday, Monday June 17th. We also updeated some of our customers sitelinks yesterday.

Google updated their official blog today, Tuesday 18th, June


Yes, we were faster than Google! :)

Google update perfect for Hawaiian business

The upcoming Google AdWords enhanced campaigns update is perfect for your business, if you run a business in Hawai’i. If some of the 7.2 million tourists that get to Hawai’i by air each year are your customers, this is important for you!



Google updates the AdWords campaigns. The so called “enhanced campaigns” help to get more tourists for less money to your website. Advertisements especially for mobile devices can be created and even special bids for cell phones or tablets can be set.


The bids for mobile and desktop campaigns can be set on ad group level. The result is more flexibility and better targeting. AdWords geo targeting used in connection with individual device bids and scheduled advertisements, enables local businesses to safe money and increase sales.


It’s like showing your TV commercial only to the people that are looking for your product AND that are around the corner of your store, bar or club.


Tourists use Google search on their cell phones or tablets to find stores, bars, clubs or anything else around their current location.

Just imagine somebody standing around the corner of your store, bar or restaurant. He / she is searching on his mobile for your kind of service or product, but instead of your business, he finds your competitor on Google. It is that easy to lose business! And it is easy to avoid losing this kind of business.

Get new customers today, using Googles enhanced AdWords campaigns!

Google’s big AdWords update July 2013 - What to do to be prepared! Enhanced Campaigns Update


The big Google AdWords update will be on July 22, 2013. Are you prepared?

The update touches several parts in your Google AdWords account. Enhanced campaigns are the next big step in AdWords Pay per click marketing.

Some of the main changes are:


1. Possibility to diversify bids for mobile and desktop devices

In the past it was common, to have mirror campaigns. This means, that you mirrored a campaign and had one for desktop devices and the other one running on mobile.

It wasn’t easy to handle because like we all know, one of the things you never want to have in a database is redundant data. But it was the easiest way to control mobile and desktop bids for your advertisements separately.

For example:

You own a Bar in Waikiki, Hawaii. Your main target group is tourists, especially from the US mainland. This makes mobile campaigns very important for you, because only very few people will bring their desktop computers to Hawaii. Your main target group uses mobile phones and tablets to surf the web and search for a club or bar in Waikiki to go to at night. First of all, the location settings are very important, because you don’t want to show your pay per click ads to people on the North Shore. They are to far away. Second of all, you want your ad to be shown if somebody searches for “nightclub Waikiki” or “nightlife Waikiki” while they are in the area.


This is the most important target group, especially if they are searching at night! You want your mobile ad to be on the top position of Google AdWords pay per click advertising, to ensure, that the tourists see it and come to your club.

Desktop users are still an interesting target group, but not as much as mobile users. You can attract mobile users and get them to your club instantly!



2. New ad type “mobile”

Mobile advertisements are different from those on your computer. The space per line is different; you might want to use different buzzwords and different landing pages.


Sometimes it makes sense, to bring potential customers to your Facebook or Google plus page instead of routing them to your Bars website. If people are searching mobile for “party Waikiki tonight” you might want to show them a special coupon offer or a party flyer on your Facebook or Google plus page, while for desktop users it might be better to sent them to your clubs homepage.


Mobile users are more likely to use an offer right away, because they are in the area anyways looking for something you have, while desktop users might be only researching and checking out where to go to eventually some day.


3. New level in Ad Extensions

Until July 22,2013, before the enhanced campaigns update, you were able to have Sitelinks on campaign level only. If you have an AdWords campaign that contains different products the Sitelinks to your ad could have confused the customers.


For example: Imagine youself in the insurance business. You have a campaign that has ad groups for life insurance, health insurance and car insurance in it. Well, first of all that is not the right way to set up campaigns, because there are to many different products in it, but as I see this every day in AdWords accounts that are not managed professionally, it is still a good example. Your ad shows up on the first positions and that is when your Sitelinks show up, too. The customer was looking for “life insurance” and now gets a result, where he also sees all other kinds of insurance he doesn’t need.


If you think “well but now he knows that I am doing everything and that’s what I want” let me tell you something: This is not what you want!


Imagine yourself looking for a new TV at a store. You are in the TV section and a salesman walks up to you and asks, “Can I help you?” You tell him that you want to buy a TV. Now imagine his answer would be “Sure, we have TVs. We also have kitchen utensils, refrigerators, stereo, and car hifi…


I think I made my point here. Show the customer what he wants.


With the new Ad Extensions on ad group level, it is now possible, to show the right Sitelinks at the right time and on the right device.

Even having different products within your campaign doesn’t matter that much anymore You can set your Sitelinks on ad group level. Be sure to use the possibility to integrate Sitelinks just for mobile devices, to get an even better performance.

If you want a perfectly managed account, just contact us.


Within the last months you were able to update and migrate your campaigns. If you didn’t do so yet, now is the time to be faster and better prepared than your competitor.

The automatic update of your AdWords account will be on July 22, 2013. Be prepared!

Let us help you get ready for the new Google AdWords!

Pay Per Click client Upstairs Waikiki - Hawaiian business

Upstairs Waikiki

The new bar/lounge/club in the heart of Waikiki called Upstairs Waikiki assigned dth internet marketing corp. to take care of the online marketing. The club is run by MyEvolution owner Davy, is a local business owner and throws different parties every week in Waikiki. 

dth takes care of the Google AdWords Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing strategy and helps to build Upstairs Waikiki facebook page. The bar opened its doors in April 2013 and is already one of the nightlife HOTSPOTS. Situated in the international marketplace on 2301 Kuhio Avenue, Upstairs Waikiki is neighbours with some of the most famous bars and clubs in Waikiki.

"I think the AdWords professionals at dth will help Upstairs Waikiki to get more people to my bar. They described all the possibilities of online marketing and I am sure, that  Upstairs Waikiki will become one of the most liked places when it comes to have a beer during the day and party at night" said Davy, the owner of the club. 

Daniel, Country Manager USA at dth corp. about the strategy: "We are proud to work with a local hawaiian company. Supporting a bar / lounge is a great opportunity and challenge. We are planning to use Google offers, AdWords campaigns with local targeting and of course link the search engine marketing with the social media marketing on facebook."

Internet growth rate and search engine market share

North America, Australia and Europe, that is the order of the Top 3 Nations when it comes to the Internet Penetration Rate.

78,6% of the american people are connected to the internet. That means that people of every age are using the web. Same in Australia and Europe. The annual growth rate of new people using the internet became a little slower compared to the years before. Here is a little more about the World Internet Penetration Rates and the search engine market share.

Especially Africa and Asia, where only 15% to 27%of the people have internet access, are interesting future markets. Keeping in mind, that the infrastructure in Africa isn't nearly as good as in any other country on the graphic, the annual growth rate of Africa in internet desktop users, is smaller than in other countries. The mobile usage of the internet and the grwoth rate of mobile internet users is one of the highest in the world! It is an older article but still, very interesting!


05/27/13 UPDATE: Just heard theat Google is going to invest BIG in Africa. Google is investing big in its mobile strategy, not only in the US and Europe, but now also in one of  the fastest growing mobile internet markets in the world.  Africa has a bad infrastructure and a lot of the people are poor, that's why there are only few desktop computers. The population uses cell phones to keep in touch and mobile internet is used a lot and getting bigger and bigger every day. Here is news about Google helping to improve the mobile network in Africa.

Daniel attends "Expertentreffen" 05/09/2013

search engine marketing il gelato honolulu

Every month there is a so called "Expertentreffen" (expert meeting).

Germans that started a business in Hawaii meet and talk about what they are doing, how they started and what their plans are. Daniel Hildebrandt will attend the meeting on thursday 09th 2013 at "Dinks - Il Gelato Ice".

Il Gelato Hawaii is an italian style gelateria in Honolulu, making handcrafted, fresh, healthy, natural and delicious authentic italian gelato (ice cream).

The company is owned by Dirk Koeppenkastrop, whos passion is italian ice cream. 

The Expertentreffen is a great opportunity to get in touch with german business owners on the islands and a good possibility to introduce Google AdWords and Search Engine Marketing to Honolulu businesses.