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New Google Maps – pictures instead of text

We found out that there might be an update on Googles search result page soon. Google seems to run an A/B test to find out, if the new integration of the Google Maps results on the search result page gets higher click through rates.


Here is the Google result page how you know it.


Google Maps Old


The map will remain on the search result page on the right side, but the search results will not be shown as a list anymore. The Google Maps results will be shown as pictures on the top of the result page. You are able to scroll through those pictures. Here is the new Google maps results screenshot.


New Google Maps Results





The results consist of pictures that seem to be pictures from reviews. By clicking on the picture, Google adjusts the search. The location clicked becomes the search term and the result page changes. If the company uses AdWords, the ad is shown before the organic search result, directly under the Google Maps pictures. 


New Google Maps AdWords


Depending on the number of AdWords advertisements Google is going to show below the maps results, it might give the organic search results more space. The old Google Maps results were listed beneath the AdWords advertisements. Depending on the search it was possible, that the first organic search result was below the fold. With the new integration of Google Maps the organic search results are back above the fold.


If Google decides to show up to three AdWords advertisements as they do now, organic search results might slide back below the fold.


Pictures usually get more attention than text. This means, that Google maps becomes even more important to all businesses that run a shop – like bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels…  Before the actual roll out these type of businesses should get their Google Maps integration optimized to get the maximum out of the update.

Please note:  I had to use the Google result page from for the same keyword "nightclub waikiki" to show the dfference between old and New Google Maps.