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New bigger Google Sitelink

Optimizing the AdWords account of Upstairs Waikiki, we found that Google now allows sitelink description. You are able to enter a sitelink text of two lines. Every line allows 35 characters.

Google might show the sitelink text additionally to the AdWords advertisements on the top three positions. This will make the advertisement bigger and drive more attnetion to the ads that have the sitelinks with description.


Google New SItelink


We weren’t able to take a screenshot of the result page including the new sitelink, yet.

dth’s account managers are already updating all AdWords accounts with the new, bigger sitelinks!


UPDATE June 18th: Google released information about the new sitelinks this morning.

Here is a picture on how the new sitelinks look on the search results page:


Google New Sitlinks


The "new" sitelinks aren't that new after all. Only the possibility to create your own text is new. The design itself is familiar.

Google released enhanced ad sitelinks in February 2012. Back than, they used the text of other ads to creat the sitelink description automatically.

Today they updated the sitelinks and it is now possible to create your own text.


We spoted it and updated it in our news section yesterday, Monday June 17th. We also updeated some of our customers sitelinks yesterday.

Google updated their official blog today, Tuesday 18th, June


Yes, we were faster than Google! :)