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Kailua wins the Google eCity Award

Congratulations Kailua Kona !

It is supposed to be the strongest online business community in the state of Hawai'i.

The annual Google eCity Awards recognizes the strongest online business community in each state.

One could think that Honolulu would be the winner of the eCity Award in Hawai'i, but the businesses on the Big Island are more professional, when it comes to online marketing. Google found out, that Kailua Kona has the strongest online business community in the state of Hawai'i.

kona digital cpaital hawaii


Speaking to business owners on Oahu I sometimes have the feeling, that they don't care so much about growing their sales, network and brand awareness through online marketing. "The tourists are coming anyways, so I don't need to invest in marketing."

Business owners in Kona obviously see this a little different. They use online advertising to reach out to the tourists and get them to their online and offline stores. 


Congratulations to the people on the Big Island for being the strongest online business community in Hawai'i!

The Google eCity Award is an annual award since 2009. It shows which city in which of the US has the highest AdWords and AdSense use. If you like to know how to increase your cities score to get better results in the next yeear, here are some of the criteria Google works with:


Each of the randomly selected businesses were then marked according to the following criteria:

  • Was it listed in an online directory (such as, (YES / NO)
  • Did it have its own website? (YES / NO)
  • Did it have a social network presence? (YES / NO)
  • Did its website allow eCommerce? (YES / NO) [Directly within the site, there must be a 
    section to purchase product / service offered]
  • Did it have a blog? [This can be a page within the company's website OR a page on a 
    blogging site e.g. Tumblr / blogspot]
  • How did the website (if it has one) score Overall score and 


If you like to know more about how Google finds what city has a strong online community, you can find out more about their criteria here.

We at dth hope, that businesses on Oahu will take greater advantage of online marketing within the next year and we would be glad to help.