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Internet growth rate and search engine market share

North America, Australia and Europe, that is the order of the Top 3 Nations when it comes to the Internet Penetration Rate.

78,6% of the american people are connected to the internet. That means that people of every age are using the web. Same in Australia and Europe. The annual growth rate of new people using the internet became a little slower compared to the years before. Here is a little more about the World Internet Penetration Rates and the search engine market share.

Especially Africa and Asia, where only 15% to 27%of the people have internet access, are interesting future markets. Keeping in mind, that the infrastructure in Africa isn't nearly as good as in any other country on the graphic, the annual growth rate of Africa in internet desktop users, is smaller than in other countries. The mobile usage of the internet and the grwoth rate of mobile internet users is one of the highest in the world! It is an older article but still, very interesting!


05/27/13 UPDATE: Just heard theat Google is going to invest BIG in Africa. Google is investing big in its mobile strategy, not only in the US and Europe, but now also in one of  the fastest growing mobile internet markets in the world.  Africa has a bad infrastructure and a lot of the people are poor, that's why there are only few desktop computers. The population uses cell phones to keep in touch and mobile internet is used a lot and getting bigger and bigger every day. Here is news about Google helping to improve the mobile network in Africa.