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Google update perfect for Hawaiian business

The upcoming Google AdWords enhanced campaigns update is perfect for your business, if you run a business in Hawai’i. If some of the 7.2 million tourists that get to Hawai’i by air each year are your customers, this is important for you!



Google updates the AdWords campaigns. The so called “enhanced campaigns” help to get more tourists for less money to your website. Advertisements especially for mobile devices can be created and even special bids for cell phones or tablets can be set.


The bids for mobile and desktop campaigns can be set on ad group level. The result is more flexibility and better targeting. AdWords geo targeting used in connection with individual device bids and scheduled advertisements, enables local businesses to safe money and increase sales.


It’s like showing your TV commercial only to the people that are looking for your product AND that are around the corner of your store, bar or club.


Tourists use Google search on their cell phones or tablets to find stores, bars, clubs or anything else around their current location.

Just imagine somebody standing around the corner of your store, bar or restaurant. He / she is searching on his mobile for your kind of service or product, but instead of your business, he finds your competitor on Google. It is that easy to lose business! And it is easy to avoid losing this kind of business.

Get new customers today, using Googles enhanced AdWords campaigns!