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Free advertising on Google Maps


Great news for local businesses!

If you like to advertise on Google Maps to get new customers to your store, you can do it for free now.


Especially in cities with a lot of tourists, advertising on Google Maps is a great way to get new customers to your offline store. Why?


Tourists look up locations on their cell phones all the time. They wan to find the next bar with happy hour, the next restaurant with Japanese food, a surf store or a car rental place. Very often they use Google maps to get directions. Google Maps is the most used app in the world as you can see in the chart from statista.


Google Maps App


Over one billion people use Google Maps every month. Most of them are searching for local businesses. Since August 8th Google shows advertisements at the bottom of the screen after a user performed a search.


google maps advertising


When users click on an advertisement, they see additional information such as the address, the phone number or reviews. If the user saves the business information, shares the information on Google+ or starts the navigation, Google does not charge for the click on the advertisement.


Google Maps advertising



Why is it great for businesses in Hawai’i?

Millions of tourists are coming to Hawai’i every year from different locations in the world. A very common picture in the streets of Waikiki is people looking down on their cell phones, following the directions they are getting from Google Maps.

google maps using

As a local business you should advertise on Google Maps, so tourists can find your business easily and get directions to it.

To advertise on Google Maps you need an AdWords account with enabled location extensions.


Our professional AdWords Account Managers can help you to set the account and the location settings up. Let us know if you need help!

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