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Mobile Advertising Workshop - Lunch & Learn March 27th

Mobile Marketing will be the topic of our next Lunch & Learn on March 27th at the Capital One 360 Cafe in Waikiki.


Mobile Marketing helps local businesses to get more customers into their store. 55% of consumers buy within ONE HOUR after they clicked on a mobile ad. What a great way to reach out to the masses and increase store traffic almost instantly! 


You will get a lot of information about mobile marketing and how to optimize your advertisements for mobile. But all advertising investment is money down the drain, if your webiste isn't mobile ready. We will talk about responsive websites and why it is important to optimize your website for every device that's out there.


Check out our MOBILE ADVERTISING SNEAK PREVIEW and sign up for our Mobile Advertising Lunch & Learn on March 27th.



Lunch & Learn AdWords Basic

AdWords Basics is the title of our next Lunch & Learn on February 27th at the Capital One 360 Cafe in Waikiki.


You will get insights on how to start your AdWords Account, the best ways to set up your account, important AdWords vocabulary and a lot more. Pick our brains at the AdWords Lunch & Learn. Daniel, the German Google Guy, will be happy to answer your questions concerning AdWords. 

During our 1 hour AdWords Basic Lunch & Learn you will learn what to do, to set up your AdWords Account professionally. Get a positive return on investment from day one!

Join us!

Find out more about the Google AdWords Marketing event!

Lunch & Learn Events with Network808

Network808 and Daniel Hildebrandt proudly present: Lunch & Learn 

In our monthly lunch & learns we will help you gain more knowledge about Online Marketing. There are many ways of advertising online, but which one is the right for your business?

To find out what is out there and what suits your business the best, we will introduce common Online Marketing Tools, that help to bring more traffic to your website and to your offline store.

Advertising on Google is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to get your message out there and generate traffic for your website. In our 60 minute lunch & learn we will introduce to you easy ways to advertise online and bring more traffic to your website!

In this Educational Series, Daniel Hildebrandt will touch on:

  • Google Places - How to set up a Google Places Account
  • Google AdWords - Put your message in front of potential customers
  • Mobile Advertising - Get people to your store that are on the GO.
  • Google+ business - get found on Google maps and post news on Google+


Find us on Eventbrite and register now!

How to advertise on Google - Presentation at The Pacific Club Honolulu

Wondering how your competitors get their advertisements on Googles top positions?

You have the feeling that you could make more money with your online shop, but you don't know how?

You want to know exactly how successful your marketing is and what you are paying for?


With Google advertising this is reality!

Daniel Hildebrandt will talk about the possibilities Google advertising offers for online and offline businesses.

More than 78% of the american people are online. This means right now somebody is searching for your service or products on Google, but will he find you?


Learn how to advertise on Google in this 30 minute presentation.

I am looking forward to seeing you at

The Pacific Club on October 16th, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Lunch will be served.






Number of Online Marketing Advertisers in Hawai'i increases

The number of Online Marketing Advertisers in Hawai'i increased again!


Online marketing is a great opportunity for smaller businesses to get a bigger piece of the cake. It seems, some local business owners don't want to follow the trend of online sales or online acquisition. The possibility of loosing market share in the long run, to those businesses that invest in online marketing, is very high. 


"I want Hawaiian businesses to realize what big advantages online marketing has for them. Having a website is only one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to online marketing. Business owners in  Hawai'i have to understand, that the business world is changing. It's no longer important how big your business is or how long it has been around, it's important that people find it on their mobile devices and after that find you offline. It is surviving of the fittest" said Daniel Hildebrandt. "I would love to work with more business owners on Oahu, making Honolulu the strongest online business community in the state of Hawai'i within the next years."


The actual numbers of advertisers and website publishers has increased slightly. 6,800 businesses in Hawai'i advertised or published online in 2009. In 2012 there were 8,600 local businesses using the advantages of online advertising. 


number of online advertisers in hawaii


Within the last years, the annual growth rate went down from 12,65% in 2010 to only 3,61% in 2012. Keeping in mind that the investment in online advertising around the globe is growing, we must ask  why businesses on the islands are not using online advertising to increase their sales? We at dth think, that online advertising and especially mobile advertising is a great way to advertise and actually make money, instead of just spending it.


Google has invented some great new instruments, that will help hawaiian businesses to make successful use of online advertising. 


Here are some of the numbers for Hawai'i out of the Google eCities report:

Hawaii eCity numbers


You like to find out more about the advantages of online marketing for your company? Feel free to contact us.

If you like to find out more about the Google eCity Awards, visit this website.

Here is the complete Google report as PDF. 



Kailua wins the Google eCity Award

Congratulations Kailua Kona !

It is supposed to be the strongest online business community in the state of Hawai'i.

The annual Google eCity Awards recognizes the strongest online business community in each state.

One could think that Honolulu would be the winner of the eCity Award in Hawai'i, but the businesses on the Big Island are more professional, when it comes to online marketing. Google found out, that Kailua Kona has the strongest online business community in the state of Hawai'i.

kona digital cpaital hawaii


Speaking to business owners on Oahu I sometimes have the feeling, that they don't care so much about growing their sales, network and brand awareness through online marketing. "The tourists are coming anyways, so I don't need to invest in marketing."

Business owners in Kona obviously see this a little different. They use online advertising to reach out to the tourists and get them to their online and offline stores. 


Congratulations to the people on the Big Island for being the strongest online business community in Hawai'i!

The Google eCity Award is an annual award since 2009. It shows which city in which of the US has the highest AdWords and AdSense use. If you like to know how to increase your cities score to get better results in the next yeear, here are some of the criteria Google works with:


Each of the randomly selected businesses were then marked according to the following criteria:

  • Was it listed in an online directory (such as, (YES / NO)
  • Did it have its own website? (YES / NO)
  • Did it have a social network presence? (YES / NO)
  • Did its website allow eCommerce? (YES / NO) [Directly within the site, there must be a 
    section to purchase product / service offered]
  • Did it have a blog? [This can be a page within the company's website OR a page on a 
    blogging site e.g. Tumblr / blogspot]
  • How did the website (if it has one) score Overall score and 


If you like to know more about how Google finds what city has a strong online community, you can find out more about their criteria here.

We at dth hope, that businesses on Oahu will take greater advantage of online marketing within the next year and we would be glad to help.


Free advertising on Google Maps


Great news for local businesses!

If you like to advertise on Google Maps to get new customers to your store, you can do it for free now.


Especially in cities with a lot of tourists, advertising on Google Maps is a great way to get new customers to your offline store. Why?


Tourists look up locations on their cell phones all the time. They wan to find the next bar with happy hour, the next restaurant with Japanese food, a surf store or a car rental place. Very often they use Google maps to get directions. Google Maps is the most used app in the world as you can see in the chart from statista.


Google Maps App


Over one billion people use Google Maps every month. Most of them are searching for local businesses. Since August 8th Google shows advertisements at the bottom of the screen after a user performed a search.


google maps advertising


When users click on an advertisement, they see additional information such as the address, the phone number or reviews. If the user saves the business information, shares the information on Google+ or starts the navigation, Google does not charge for the click on the advertisement.


Google Maps advertising



Why is it great for businesses in Hawai’i?

Millions of tourists are coming to Hawai’i every year from different locations in the world. A very common picture in the streets of Waikiki is people looking down on their cell phones, following the directions they are getting from Google Maps.

google maps using

As a local business you should advertise on Google Maps, so tourists can find your business easily and get directions to it.

To advertise on Google Maps you need an AdWords account with enabled location extensions.


Our professional AdWords Account Managers can help you to set the account and the location settings up. Let us know if you need help!

Call Daniel at: 808 384 0116



dth is now a member of Hawai'i Visitors & Convention Bureau

dth internet marketing corporation is now a member of the Hawai'i Visitors & Convention Bureau

Hawaii visitors and convention bureau

"All the important companies in the Hawai'i tourism industry are members of the HVCB. I am sure, that a lot of them are very interested in our services. Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing can help them to get new clients from all over the world. I am looking forward to meeting new people within the industry and I am sure, that this investment will pay off soon" said Daniel Hildebrandt.


The HVCB runs websites like www., which is an award winning website about Hawai'i. HVCB has been marketing the islands of Hawaii for more than a century.


The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau represents the Islands of Hawaii in the highly competitive arena of destination marketing. The mission of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is to create sustainable, diversified, travel destination demand for the Hawaiian Islands. The strategic principles of innovation, integration, inclusion and accountability serve as the foundation of HVCB's marketing direction.


The Hawai'i Visitors & Convention Bureau and dth will work together to educate HVCBs members in online marketing and teach them its possibilities.

Solavei cell phone plans - New client signs up

Solavei is a new MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that launched 9/21/2012 and makes it possible to lower your cell phone plan to $49 per month! 4G Nationwide Network, unlimited text & talk for just $49 per month. For every 3 referrals onto their network, Solavei pays you $20 every month they remain on the service. You can actually make money every month just by helping others lower their cell bill!

Solavei Cell Phone Plan


Solavei uses the t-mobile network, which makes it very stable and gives it a great coverage, nationwide!


Daniel Hildebrandt about Solavei: "When I first heard about the product, I was stunned. $49 is a great deal. T-mobile is the biggest cell phone carrier in Germany and very trustworthy. That's why we are happy to use the T-mobile network here in the US as well. We can save hundreds of dollars every month by using Solavei and still have a great network. We are happy that Solavei with Randy Rodriguez is our new client and we are looking forward to bring him new clients for Solavei in Hawaii.


The advertising for Solavei started on July 17th 2013. dth already brought new clients to the website


dth is Google Engaged Partner

dth internet marketing corp. did is now a Google Engaged Partner.  As a Google Engaged Partner we are able to make special offers for our clients.


From now on, every dth client that opens up a new Google AdWords Account with us, gets a $100 voucher for AdWords. The voucher kicks in after the first $25 dollars are spend on AdWords clicks. "We are happy that we can offer our customers this possibility to start with AdWords almost at no cost" said Daniel Hildebrandt.


Especially for companies that are new and not sure about AdWords or companies that are small and like to start with a small budget, this is a great opportunity to boost their AdWords budget  for free.


Let us set up your account today and you will get $100 Google AdWords voucher from dth / Shopmarketing.