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Conversion Optimizing

Conversion optimizing is the key!

Once we set up your AdWords account right and you get visitors and potential customers through Search Engine Marketing onto your website, it is important, that you get the most out of it. You already paid for the visitor, now you need a high conversion rate to come to an optimal return on invest.

We have “Conversion Experts” at dth corporation, that help you to set up a checklist on what to do, to maximize the conversions of your website. If necessary we are able to check your website with eye-tracking tools. You will get an optimization catalogue and we can help you monitor the progress.
Even little changes can make a big difference and help to grow profit.
Here is an example:
You paid for 10.000 visitors to your website $5.000. That is a very good price!
Approximately 5% (500) of these visitors buy something with an average of $50.
Let’s say that you have a margin of 30%. That means a turnover of $25.000 and a gross profit of $7.500. Now you have to subtract the $5.000 cost, which means that your profit is $2.500.
Now imagine you increase your conversion by only 1%, to 6%.
That gives you 600 visitors that buy something on your website, 
a $30.000 turnover, a gross profit of $9.000 and a profit of $4.000! 
You increased your profit by 60%!
As you can see, the optimization of your website is as important as getting traffic to it. 
Let us optimize your conversion and you will make more profit!
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