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Search Engine Marketing & Pay per Click


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the umbrella term for pay per click, also known as cost per click and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Both types of optimization lead to conversions – when they are done right.


Pay-per-click / cost-per-click are most common when it comes to search engine marketing. AdWords is one of the most popular ways to advertise on Google.

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A conversion can be simply a website visitor or any previously defined and trackable action the visitor does on the advertised page.

SEM SEO lead to Conversion

Search Engine Marketing has become a huge market. It grows fast and it helps to increase sales if it is done professionally.  Lets have a look at the value of North American Search Engine Marketing Industry from 2004 to 2013.[1][2]

As you can see, the investment in SEM grows every year, reaching aprox. $ 26.1 billion in 2013. These numbers include the money spend on Pay per Click / Cost per click marketing and search engine optimization and also spending on search engine marketing technology. Social Media is excluded.

Pay per Click marketing is a great opportunity if you want to get more visitors or potential customers to your website. As Google is the market leader in search, you might want to start to advertise on Google, using Google AdWords. You will get more information about Google AdWords in our free KnowHow Catalogue.


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