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Keyword Density - Basis of Successful Pay Per Click Marketing


A good working pay per click marketing account is only possible, if the website and the pay per click advertisements work well together. Your pay per click success is based on your website.


Some websites I see have very little text and more graphics than anything else. This is certainly easy to look at and a lot of times it is easier to tell a story in pictures than with words.

But don’t forget, that search engines can’t read pictures, yet.

What does that mean?


Well it is still important to have text on your website, that describes your products and services. The mix is important! Content is King.


If you run a business and you have a website, make sure to always ask yourself “is the information the website gives important to the visitors?”

Even today there are a lot of websites that start with the “about us” site. Let me tell you something: Most of the times the visitor of your website couldn’t care less about who is running the business. If you are running a bar, a hotel, a surf shop, a bookstore, a pizza joint or anything else, the people most of the times visited your website because of your product and not because of you. There are websites where it is different - Personal websites for example.


Now let’s walk through some of the points you should think about before setting up your new website – but even if you already have a website, I will give you some ideas and programs you can use to make it better.



Keyword Density


The keyword density is important to all business websites. The search engines identify a websites topic by crawling it. The content of your website – the text – lets the search engines know what your site is about. Bold printed content, headlines and words that are often used are classified more important to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. But be careful and don’t spam the search engines! If the density of a keyword or keyword combination is to high, the search engines declare it as spam and you will actually “hurt” your website, instead of bringing it up in the search results.


How high should the keyword density be?

If your keyword density is between 2% and 5%, you are good to go. If it is more than 5%, it might affect your website in a negative way. If it is less than 2%, your website is not considered important when it comes to that keyword or keyword combination.


Here is a nice tool to check if the keyword density of your website is ok.

Just type in your website URL and click on “Analyze it”.

The result page shows you the keyword density of single word, two word phrases and three word phrases.



Is the result no as you expected it?

You know what to do. Rewrite your websites texts and than check again.

You type in the keywords you want the text to be optimized for and you will see the keyword density. The good thing is, you can edit your text “on the fly”.

Here is the live keyword analysis tool:


Before you start your new website make sure you know what your focus and your websites goals are. Here is more about different goals of a website.


The text on your website is very important for your Google AdWords marketing pay per click strategy. Make sure you review and update it every 6-10 months. If you have minor changes, your pay per click campaigns might not get affected. After a website relaunch make sure that your pay per click marketing and your website still work together. The basis of a successful CPC strategy is good website text!

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