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Google Offers - great marketing for local businesses


Google offers helps to bring new customers to local stores. Google offers is the new, mobile optimized and more local Groupon.

There are 6 different ways how users get to see Google Offers advertisements:

  1. A daily email
  2. Through web searches displayed with AdWords advertisements
  3. On the Google Offers app for Android and iPhone
  4. On Google Maps for Android
  5. On Google Wallet for Android
  6. On Google+


Here is how you get new customers through Google Offers:


It works great for local shops and even better for local shops that are situated in very touristy areas. Our branch is in Honolulu, Hawai’i. More than 7 million tourists visit the state of Hawai’i every year. We know what we are talking about.


Why Google Offers is great for touristy areas?

Tourists use Google to search for places, services or products they like and the Google offer advertisement is delivered at the moment of interest. Our client Upstairs Waikiki (Bar / Lounge / Club) is a great example for mobile marketing. 87% (!) of the clicks from AdWords to his website are coming from mobile devices. Neither of his competitors seems to have a professional online marketing strategy. Upstairs Waikiki is the first mover and gets great traffic and incredibly high click through rates!


But let’s get back to Google Offers.

The offer shown to the user can be saved for later use or immediately redeemed at the store.


Here is how it works:


You create an offer in your Google AdWords account. You find the offer extension under the “ad extension” tab. We can help you open up your AdWords account or set up your Google Offers extensions.

Google Offers Local Extension Tab

You can run your offers extension on campaign or on ad group level. Campaign level is recommended if you use one offer with all campaigns. For example “5% off when shopping in our store”. Ad group level is recommended if you use different offers for different products. For example “5$ off Lady Shoes” and in another ad group within this campaign you give “30% off your second pair of shoes”.


Google offers promotes these special deals with your AdWords advertisement.


Google OFfers Advertisement



People using a desktop device can print the coupon and bring it to your store. It looks like this:

Google Offers Print Coupon



 People using cell phones show the coupon to the cashier – it’s that easy!

Google OFfers mobile Coupon



Google Offers works with every phone and every desktop computer as long as the user searches via Google. Offers is deeply integrated into the android system, which makes it very easy to use for everybody having an android cell phone.

All you need is a Google account.


Apple users can download the Google offers app – I didn’t find it in the app-store. Just go to

You will get a list of all the available Google apps for iOS.



Google Offers is the local Groupon.


Using the Google Offers App, people set their location and receive instant updates on offers nearby, as long as they allow Google to track their current location. The business model reminds a lot of I think Google takes the online couponing to the next level with Google Offers. uses your broad location, for example “Honolulu”, while Google offers give coupons “on the go”. Google shows coupons of things people like while they are searching for them on the Internet OR they show them offers of things they like while being close to a store that carries them – on the fly so to say.


Let me give an example:


You are out shopping. You are walking through the city looking for all kinds of stuff – I know all men reading this are already bored now. Push through, it’s worth it!

Google tracks your location via cell phone, updates the information with their Google Offers database and sends you recent offers of things you like.

“How does Google know what I like?”

Well, if you have a Google account and you are logged in while using their search engine; they at least track on which ads you clicked.

Now imagine you clicked on an advertisement for shoes just the other day because you need a new pair of the brand you like.


We are back at the shopping trip!


Now Google puts all the information about you together in a heartbeat. The click on the ad and your current location and they match the information with the offer the shop around your corner posted on Google Offers. Now, without using Google search on your device, Google sends you this special offer for your favorite brand of shoes. You can use the coupon by showing it to the cashier. That’s how easy it is to save money.



You are able to save offers for later or use them right away.


Google Offers in app coupon


Well Google offers isn’t as popular as Groupon, yet. This is your chance to be one of the first movers, using mobile coupons. Google Offers is the more local Groupon. I believe it is another step connecting online and offline business. And it is for sure another step for Google to claim new territory. It might be a possibility for them to get smaller businesses to working with AdWords.


We are currently testing the effects of Google Offers in Germany and in the US with different kinds of businesses – hotels, bars and online shops. We are going to publish the results on


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