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Google AdWords Quality Score

Google always tries to deliver the most relevant search results to the user. The generic search results are almost individual nowadays and so are the adwords results, shown to the users. Google calculates the quality of the keywords, the advertisements and matches it with the search term, to show the most relevant ads. One way of finding the right advertisement to a search query is to check the quality factor of every keyword and advertisement. Google invented the quality score in 2005.


Google does not tell exactly how they calculate the quality score, but they say that the coherence between advertisement, keyword and landing page is important. The past click-through-rate of a keyword or advertisement, the account history, the quality of the landing page, the keyword/ad relevance and even the geographic performance of your account are important facts upon Google bases the quality score.



Each keyword gets a quality score from 1 to 10 (best). The quality score is recalculated every time an ad is eligible for the auction – this can happen many times a day.


If the quality score of your keyword is high, it will take place in the placement auction more often. The cost per click will be lower, when the quality score is high.


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