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Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an excellent way to reach people in the world wide web. AdWords make it possible, that everybody is able to advertise on Google Search Engine or even the Google Network. You can use AdWords in different ways. If you have an online shop, you use AdWords to get more customers to your website, if you have an offline store, you can tell people in your area about it on Google and get more customers into your store.

This is a screenshot, where you find Google AdWords advertisements:




Google AdWords is a great opportunity for local Hawaiian and international business, to reach new customers, as long as you know how to use AdWords right. You decide everything yourself, the goals of your website, the landings pages, the budget, the keywords that trigger your advertisements and the target group, target location or even the target country or language you want your online advertisements to be shown to.



The best part is, that you only have to pay, when your Google AdWords advertisement has been clicked on. We call that “Cost-per-Click” or “CPC”. This is the most used payment option in online marketing especially in search engine marketing, but there is also the option “Cost-per-Mille”(CPM) and the “Cost-per-Action”(CPA).

You will find more information about the different types of payments within our constantly updated KnowHow Catalogue.


Google AdWords appear on different positions within Google Search. There are the three “Top of page” positions and the regular AdWords positions on the right side of the web search results.


If you are searching Google Maps, the AdWords results are displayed on the left side of the map.



If you are searching “Videos” you will see the AdWords again on the upper part of the results page and on the right hand side.


And you have the possibility to search Google Places. This is especially interesting, if you want to get customers into your local store. Mobile users search for example for "Italian Pizza" and Google will locate where you are and show you nearby places that sell italian pizza. It is a great opporunity for smaller local business.


Everybody who likes to use the Google Search Engine Technology is able to use it on his own website – for free! Google than still places the AdWords next to the search results. That is what we call “Pull-Marketing”. Users are looking for a product or service that matches yours on a different website than Google and your advertisement is shown. You are trying to “Pull” the user onto your website.


And there is more! There are thousands of websites using Google AdSense, which is another Google Service that enables you to integrate AdWords on your website and make money with it. Big websites use AdSense to show advertisements on their websites and earn money with every click on it (CPC/PPC). That is what Google calls the “Search Network”. We call it “Push-Marketing”. You “Push” your marketing into the market even though the customer doesn’t know your product.



Google AdWords is easy to use, but be careful! It is also very easy to spend a lot of money on the wrong keywords, bad advertisements or the wrong target group. If you are not sure, let us help you!


Attend our AdWords basic presentation held by the German Google Guy Daniel Hildebrandt. Check out the PDF on this site to see what questions you will be able to answer after you attended the Basic Google AdWords Workshop.

You also find the AdWords Basics presentation with all info on how to set up an AdWords Account professionally, how to make the right decisions when it comes to campaign settings and the explanantion of basic AdWords Vocabulary like Quality Score, Click Through Rate and Keyword Matching Types at the end of this page.

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