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Enhanced campaigns update July 22, 2013


The big Google AdWords update will be on July 22, 2013. Are you prepared?

The update touches several parts in your Google AdWords account. Enhanced campaigns are the next big step in AdWords Pay per click marketing.

Some of the main changes are:


1. Possibility to diversify bids for mobile and desktop devices

In the past it was common, to have mirror campaigns. This means, that you mirrored a campaign and had one for desktop devices and the other one running on mobile.

It wasn’t easy to handle because like we all know, one of the things you never want to have in a database is redundant data. But it was the easiest way to control mobile and desktop bids for your advertisements separately.

For example:

You own a Bar in Waikiki, Hawaii. Your main target group is tourists, especially from the US mainland. This makes mobile campaigns very important for you, because only very few people will bring their desktop computers to Hawaii. Your main target group uses mobile phones and tablets to surf the web and search for a club or bar in Waikiki to go to at night. First of all, the location settings are very important, because you don’t want to show your pay per click ads to people on the North Shore. They are to far away. Second of all, you want your ad to be shown if somebody searches for “nightclub Waikiki” or “nightlife Waikiki” while they are in the area.


This is the most important target group, especially if they are searching at night! You want your mobile ad to be on the top position of Google AdWords pay per click advertising, to ensure, that the tourists see it and come to your club.

Desktop users are still an interesting target group, but not as much as mobile users. You can attract mobile users and get them to your club instantly!



2. New ad type “mobile”

Mobile advertisements are different from those on your computer. The space per line is different; you might want to use different buzzwords and different landing pages.


Sometimes it makes sense, to bring potential customers to your Facebook or Google plus page instead of routing them to your Bars website. If people are searching mobile for “party Waikiki tonight” you might want to show them a special coupon offer or a party flyer on your Facebook or Google plus page, while for desktop users it might be better to sent them to your clubs homepage.


Mobile users are more likely to use an offer right away, because they are in the area anyways looking for something you have, while desktop users might be only researching and checking out where to go to eventually some day.


3. New level in Ad Extensions

Until July 22,2013, before the enhanced campaigns update, you were able to have Sitelinks on campaign level only. If you have an AdWords campaign that contains different products the Sitelinks to your ad could have confused the customers.


For example: Imagine youself in the insurance business. You have a campaign that has ad groups for life insurance, health insurance and car insurance in it. Well, first of all that is not the right way to set up campaigns, because there are to many different products in it, but as I see this every day in AdWords accounts that are not managed professionally, it is still a good example. Your ad shows up on the first positions and that is when your Sitelinks show up, too. The customer was looking for “life insurance” and now gets a result, where he also sees all other kinds of insurance he doesn’t need.


If you think “well but now he knows that I am doing everything and that’s what I want” let me tell you something: This is not what you want!


Imagine yourself looking for a new TV at a store. You are in the TV section and a salesman walks up to you and asks, “Can I help you?” You tell him that you want to buy a TV. Now imagine his answer would be “Sure, we have TVs. We also have kitchen utensils, refrigerators, stereo, and car hifi…


I think I made my point here. Show the customer what he wants.


With the new Ad Extensions on ad group level, it is now possible, to show the right Sitelinks at the right time and on the right device.

Even having different products within your campaign doesn’t matter that much anymore You can set your Sitelinks on ad group level. Be sure to use the possibility to integrate Sitelinks just for mobile devices, to get an even better performance.

If you want a perfectly managed account, just contact us.


Within the last months you were able to update and migrate your campaigns. If you didn’t do so yet, now is the time to be faster and better prepared than your competitor.

The automatic update of your AdWords account will be on July 22, 2013. Be prepared!

Let us help you get ready for the new Google AdWords!


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