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Check if your website is mobile ready

Pay per click marketing for a mobile device is THE BIG THING!

People are constantly switching devices. Is your website mobile-ready?


You have a website and you have traffic on that website. People are checking out your business, you generate leads or you sell products through your website. Everything seems to be just fine. You look into your websites statistics at least every month to check where your traffic comes from - is it generic or pay per click traffic, how long is the average visit duration and which sites of your websites are the most popular.


Well, if you do so, you might have seen, that you can analyze the devices people use looking at your site.


Are your visitors coming from a mobile device? Which system does the mobile device have – iOS (apple) or android (Samsung, HTC…) or any other (blackberry). Is the average duration of a mobile device visitor longer or shorter than that of a desktop user? Are they coming through different ads or keywords?

I don’t want to get too much into detail here but if you are running a business where your website is one of the acquisition tools, you should be able to answer these questions.


The question you have to ask yourself is: Is my website mobile-ready?



And you can easily answer this question.

Get out your smartphone and go to your website.

Try to look at it as if you have never seen the site before.

And now try to shop or send a request without zooming in.


If you don’t have a smartphone you can use this website to check out your site:


To get a detailed report what you should improve to make your website mobile ready, use this site:



Congratulations if your test is positive. If not, here is what to do:


1. Get an agency that helps you getting your website mobile ready. We can help you with that.


2. Set your mobile bids in your AdWords account to a minimum to safe money. If people aren’t able to use your website on mobile devices anyway, you don’t want to spend money on pay per click marketing that gets these users to your website. We can help you with that.


3. If you did step 1 and 2 or if you have a mobile ready website, now is the time to get in touch with us. 


Let us optimize your AdWords account and your AdWords mobile marketing strategy. Check out our references in mobile marketing - Upstairs Waikiki gets new customers every day through Google AdWords Mobile Marketing.


Mobile business is growing very fast and you are already late if you are not prepared. Don't miss the next BIG THING - mobile advertising and mobile commerce.

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