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AdWords Sitelinks

AdWords Sitelinks are a good way to get more attention to your advertisements. Your ad gets bigger and contains more information. If your advertisement needs more space at the top of the page, the less space is left for your competitors.
You can book AdWords sitelinks in your AdWords account. Sitelinks are AdExtensions and that is where you can insert text and URL within your AdWords account. It makes sense, to use the navigation of your website to get ideas for your sitelinks.
You can name up to 10 sitelinks. Google does not always show all of them! It depends for example on the click-through-rate,if a sitelink is shown or not.
It is also important, that each sitelink leads to a unique landing page, with unique content.
Here is an example what AdWords Sitelinks look like on Google Search:

Google AdWords Sitelinks bring your customers directly to a certain part of your website, so that they do not have to navigate from the Home-Page to the site they want to get to. A click on an AdWords Sitelink costs as much as a click on a usual Google AdWords advertisement.
The easier a user gets to the product he is looking for in your shop, the more likely will he buy it in your onlineshop.
To get your AdWords advertisement even bigger and get more attention to it, you should try to enhance them. Read our article about enhanced sitelinks.

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