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AdWords Mobile Marketing - The next "Big Bang" starts in Hawaii – Example: Mobile Marketing with Upstairs Waikiki

AdWords Mobile Marketing is one of the number one topics at the moment. dth internet marketing corp. is proud to be one of the first experienced companies in this field. We started working on Mobile AdWords Campaigns a while ago. The results were fair. But now we have made a breakthrough!


Now we have launched mobile campaigns for a bar / lounge / club called "Upstairs" Waikiki, down in the heart of Waikiki, inside the International Marketplace. This is where "Upstairs" Waikiki is located

The target group of "Upstairs" Waikiki is mainly tourists all week long plus local people in the Honolulu area on weekends. Nowadays tourists use their cell phones to find restaurants, bars with happy hour, places to rent surfboards, cars and mopeds for cheap, or to find the next nightclub.


Running around with the free brochure “This Week Oahu” in your hands making circles around the places you want to eat and cutting out coupons is “old school”. Tourists in Hawaii use their cell phones to find places and they use Google Offers to get digital coupons.


Times have changed!


We are proud, that we are the number one agency when it comes to mobile advertising in Hawaii. Today we would like to show you an example on how great Google AdWords Mobile Advertising works for companies that like to make or increase profit through tourism.


We started with “normal“ desktop oriented AdWords campaigns for "Upstairs" Waikiki, i.e. keywords like “Bar Waikiki” “Nightclub Waikiki” “Happy Hour Waikiki”.


After two days we saw, that the keywords had worked well. A lot of impressions, clicks and even the click through rates were good. Even though the keywords were broadly matched. We were stoked about the great successes and analyzed the numbers a little more. We found out that most of the search requests and clicks came from mobile devices.


We started to optimize the AdWords advertisements for mobile devices and increased bids for AdWords on mobile devices. Today 84% of the clicks on "Upstairs" Waikiki’s advertisements are made with mobile devices!


Mobile User at Upstairs Waikiki


Only 14% of desktop users and 2% of tablet users click on the AdWords ads. This shows, that there is a HUGE market to be conquered. Our team at dth internet marketing corp. have become mobile marketing specialists within the last few months and we are now ready to deliver high quality mobile advertising.


We compared the click through rates of the mobile campaigns with those of the tablet and desktop campaigns and were happy to see, that mobile campaigns have a higher click through rates than other campaigns. High click through rates show, that users are more involved with their searches.

Click through rate mobile user


The cost per click of mobile campaigns in our example is a little higher than the desktop or tablet CPC. This is because we decided to make mobile users "Upstairs" Waikiki’s number one target group and always placed our clients ads in the top position on Google. The cost per click for the top positions is a little higher than the positions below. There is one big advantage that makes up for the higher cost per click - Mobile users can be “instant profit”.

They are more likely to search for things “on the go”. They are looking for an instant solution for their needs, demands or problems. Of course they will most likely click on the first ad that they see and if your business is close to their location, they will stop by.


This is a great advantage for first movers. Even if another business that might fulfill their need is closer, if they don’t know about this business and your ad shows up, guess where they will spend their money?


"Upstairs" Waikiki is a great example for mobile marketing.  We recommend mobile marketing for every business found in a high volume tourist area, but only if you like to get business from them of course.


In combination with Google Offers even a small business without a website can profit from mobile marketing.


"Upstairs" Waikiki...-

  • spends less than $200 every month on online marketing (PPC cost),
  • is the number one Google paid search result when it comes to nightlife in Waikiki,
  • makes more than 83% profit from every customer who used online marketing and orders ONE beer.


Davy Malaythong, the owner of "Upstairs" Waikiki about dth:


“We started with mobile marketing and dth as soon as we opened up the bar in April. The mobile marketing already pays for itself and for the services of dth, easily! The team at dth knows how to get the tourists of all countries to my bar. My AdWords account is always up to date and even specials are announced with my ads and on Google Offers through them. They also manage "Upstairs" Waikikis facebook page and keep it updated. We are getting more people to our club every day.  I am glad to hear that they want to help more local businesses to use this modern way of marketing.

I heard that they will be able to advertise in Japanese soon and I am very happy about it.”


dth internet marketing corporations goal is to establish mobile marketing in the Hawaiian islands. We are 100% sure that it is the right marketing concept for every business that is dependent on tourists or wants to increase profit through sales to tourists. dth has the right AdWords Mobile Marketing product for you!

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