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The AdWords-Marketing-Budget

After opening up an AdWords Account, you might ask yourself, „how much money do I have to spend every month“? Well, Google AdWords is not a casino. You do not put you money down and hope for the return on investment. Onlinemarketing and especially Search Engine Marketing is one of the marketing channels, where you get a lot of information about how your advertising campaigns run, what they cost and how the outcome is. Not only for your onlineshop in general, but for every single ad, keyword and search term that lead to a sale.
Search Engine Marketing enables to get more information about your customers behavior than ever before!
Really important is, how much money do you want to invest for a single order. We call that “cost-per-conversion”.
To find out the acceptance of the target group you need about 1.000 clicks / visitors per advertisement, campaign, adgroup or keyword. The costs depend on the cost-per-click. Lets say you pay 30 cent per click, this would be $300 a month for 1.000 clicks. If we start with 3 campaigns the Google AdWords costs will be $900. You might get your first 1.000 clicks within 10, 20,40,50 or even 100 days, it all depends on the demand of the products within your onlineshop.
After we set up the first campaigns, adgroups, keywords and advertisements and after we lead the first 1.000 clicks to your website, it is time to analyze the AdWords Account performance. After a couple thousand visits it is possible, to see if the AdWords strategy is working right and what should be done to improve it. We want to maximize the profit which means that we need to lower the costs. Most our customers are have a positive return on invest after the first weeks. If that is the case, we enlarge the account to realize more profit.
However, there are some onlineshops out there, where it does not work. The costs are higher than the gain. That happens, if the usability of the shop is very bad. We bring potential customers to the online shop but they do not buy anything. If the shop is selling goods with a small margin, we recommend to stop the AdWords activities, even though we know that we can not hold the owner as our customer! Our goal is to  maximize your profit, if we can not help you, we do not want you to invest money into a service that does not work right for you.
After all, most of the time our customers have a limited budget. Which means, that they have to choose between different marketing activities like search engine marketing, search engine optimization or affiliate marketing. Contact us and let us help you to find the right investment for your marketing budget.

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