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3 important things to think about before starting online advertising

Getting started with online marketing is easy. Today almost every business has a website, a facebook page or is at least listed in Google maps. This is the basis of online advertising.


Online Advertising

Now that you have a website, you want people to see it. Otherwise the money you already spent would be wasted, right? Let me tell you about the next steps after you have set up your website and before you spend money on advertising. Here are 


3 important things you have to think about before starting online advertising


1. Adapt your existing business strategy


Make your existing offline marketing strategy your online marketing strategy. Do you sell global or local? Don’t start with a global sales strategy, if you are selling local at the moment.


Use one of the biggest advantages of online marketing: precise targeting.

Show your ads only to people that will turn into buyers. Don’t waste your money on window shoppers.  

precise online marketing targeting


The easiest way to make money with online marketing in the beginning is to advertise in a country, region or city where people have already heard of your brand. Online advertising helps to grow the brand awareness within your target group and will bring you new customers.


Build your online marketing strategy on the success you already have.

Instead of starting with the goal “I want to sell worldwide” start with “I want to increase my online sales by 5% in the state of Hawai’i” if you have a Hawaiian business.

Or start with “I want to get 10 new leads every month through my website that cost less than $X”.


  • Be precise!
  • Grow your online business steadily and build it upon the successful business strategy you already have.
  • Analyze the parts of your business strategy that work great and focus on their improvement.


2. Define your target group


The more you know about your target group, the less money you waste advertising.


It is easy! If you know that people within their twenties buy your products or use your services the most, don’t show your advertisements to people that are older. If your buyers are women, don’t show your advertisements to men. People in the US like your products, but people in Europe don’t? Well, don’t spend money on advertising in Europe.

Unless you want to use online marketing to target a new group of people or expand your business into another country, start advertising within the target group that works.


The definition of the right target group is one of the very important things to do before starting online marketing. The more you know about your target group, the better your online marketing success will be.

online marketing target advertising

You want to have the buyers on your website and in your store and not researcher or online surfers. Here are some of the criteria you should have a look at:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location


  • Average income
  • Customer needs
  • Language


Meeting your target group and driving the right people to your website is the adding value of online marketing agencies. We help you to make more money with online marketing than you spend. We create a positive return on investment.



3. Define your goals


Think about what your websites goals are. Possible website goals can be leads, sales, visits or clicks on advertisements that are on your website. Here is some more information about possible website goals.


A goal definition should be a certain turnover, a defined number of leads or an increase of visitors by X%. Goals like “I want to increase the sales on my website” are too broad.

website goals


It has to be a certain number. And think about what you or your team does or doesn’t do if you didn’t reach the goal.

One of the great advantages of online marketing is, that you can almost track everything. You have a lot of indicators that show if your online marketing strategy works or not.



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